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The Complete Guideline of On Page SEO

When we do SEO stuff within the site, it’s called On-Page SEO. To do the On-Page SEO you need to log in to your website.

This is the fourth stage of an SEO campaign and the most important one because, if you do it incorrectly, Off-Page SEO (the next and last stage of the SEO campaign) will not help you.

So let’s get right to it and have a thorough discussion of On-Page SEO.

On Page SEO Elements

Keyword Cannibalization

A keyword cannibalization problem arises when you attempt to rank the same (or a closely related) keyword on multiple URLs. It’s a major issue, and for this reason, many SEO campaigns fail.

Create a Useful and Eye-Catchy Title

You must come up with a catchy title after selecting a keyword that will encourage users to click on your result. To make the title interesting, you can add some powerful words, like- professional, best, top-notch, etc. it will increase your click-through rate

Create Reader Friendly Content

When creating content, keep the intent of your customers in mind. You must consider why they have come to your content. This is good content if you can meet their requirements. If they have to go to another website to learn more about it, your content is inadequate.

Keyword Density

Keyword density means how many times the main keyword appears in an article. If it is a 1000-word article and the main keyword comes 10 times, then the keyword density will be 1%.

Proper Use of Header Tags

Use your header tags wisely. For users, it’s nothing more than a bold text or point, but for the search engine, it’s the structure of the content. So use it accordingly.

Image Optimization

You should also optimize your images for Google image searches. If you can optimize your images you will be able to rank on Google Images and get some traffic from there.